Green is the new pink!

There's so much to talk about this week. On Friday we borrowed Nifa's Iswara and went to Nilai 3 to shoppe!! Unfortunately, there is no single ATM machine over the whole area.. The only one ATM machine available is in MarryBrown Restaurant but we couldn't withdraw our money coz the notes is finished. So sad.. I only managed to buy 1 punjab-dress worth RM25 (that was after some bargaining with the auntie).Later it's my turn to drive back to PutraJaya.

We were so closed to accident when I change from slow lane to fast lane. At first I glance trough the back window and I saw this huge lorry is so far from us but suddenly this lorry appears right behind us in a second. Farahin get so frightened at that moment and so did all of us.

Right now we're arguing over Jenna's favourite color. She claims to us her fav. colour is Red but our lil' investigations found out that 80% of her stuffs are pink in colour! Huhu.. Me and Farahin keep telling her to wake up and realize that her actual favourite color is Pink. Not Red but she totally deny our advice. She keeps claiming that Pink is one of the tone under Red colour so she can have Pink as well. But we laugh to her and said.. All her bags are Pink including her purse and pencil case. Finally she asks us to tell anyone that asked about her favourite color that she loves Red. Farahin and me rejected the idea coz we feels like betraying the truth. Haha.. Laugh out loud!..

It's kinda funny when we're analyzing the correlation between our claim and our action. Most people will they are this and that but the truh is they never is. Once my friend told us that she hate arguement but the painful truth is she always argue with everyone over almost every little things! Haha... Reallu funny coz when we're telling something about ourselves but actually we aren't, it's like we're lying about ourselves. Aren't us?


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