The List

Few days ago Jenna and Farahin and me had listing our old-crush list. It happened to be I am the one who have the longest list. Haha.. Starts with my first crush during Standard 6 and the list ends with the previous (which I recently knew that he's not single. Ahaks..).

Speaking of crush.. I am the one who always blurred in relationship. I knew which guy I like but I never make any move. So the feeling only stucked at the 'crush' phase. Never move on to 'like' phase. Haha.. And maybe that is one factor why I never get involved in any relationship. Since guys always expecting me as 'unavailable' eventhough I never being 'unavailable'. Hurm.. I only realize this last two sem when I of my friend told me that a guy confirmed to her that I already have a boyfriend. Lol!

Well the list should be confidential. Huhu.. But one thing fo sure.. I'll never get any of them since I am not the type of girl that they would choose. So I remain safe and they always become my crush list. Haha..

Last Thursday I went to Dr Fadzilah Kamsah's talk titled: Rahsia Mendapat Pasangan. The talk which initally I felt a bit embarassed to go but finally Yanti and me manage to rent a car from En Fizi (the good looking officer from the faculty. Ahaks). The reknown motivator told us to cleanse our heart so that beauty will shine from inside to our appearance. Herm.. I'll try that. I'll forgive everyone every time I go to sleep. So that I wont bring the hate to my bed.

And last week the MAHA have started. I went there twice. First time with the girls.. (Yanti. Jenna. Frahin). and the second time with Izzani's family. However.. Unfortunately I dont hv the oppurtunity to hop on the tram to see the state pavillion and the animal showcase. So sad..Feel like wanna go there again so that I manage to visits all the station there.

Urm.. Till we meet again I guess. So make sure that your golden heart shines so the whole world will at attracted to you as u r the magnet. Ahaks..


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