People says its the force of nature. But how true the term is? WHo is the actual truthful "FOrces of Nature"??? Obviously ALLAH is the answer. WHo creates the world other than him? SO we get the conclusion that the term is incorrect. It's the "FORCES Of CREATOR" that penalized we the people whom never stop this beautiful land he gave for us to be lived for. We keep asking but we always forget our true journey on earth.
The truth is.. SOme unmanner foolish people destroyed the mother nature in the name of pleasant and comfort. I dont understand why they would like to live in the "Kayangan" and built their home at unsafe area that eventually turns out to be a disaster. i really cant understand those rich people who seems like "never put any steps on earth".
And people blaming the Selangor people for voting PKR to be the state government. SOunds really funny since Johor also being flooded with water every year. The situation are strictly not related to the government who governs the state. I simply would to state that only fool people would relate any nature disaster to the state government. Only people with ill IQ will said that.



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