Arnold Schwarzenegger the Governor of California


HahahA.. It's not like I just knew about this.

Just now while Abah and Kinah and me enjoying our so-not-tasty supper (which I dont want to explain furthermore the disappointment we got) at Haji Tapah Jalan Gombak, a chinese guy.. age late 20's or maybe early 30's came to us selling his 'products'; pirate DVD!!! Yeahhh!!

So this guy is very talkative (as Abah said.. Chinese do business with sweet-tongue. unlike Malays) and very friendly as he quickly make himself comfy by sitting next to Abah. Of course nobody offers him the seat. Haha.. While we're checking on his 'collection', Abah pick 'The Predator' piece and noticed that Mr Susah-Nak-Eja is no longer the hero.

This salesman, whom suddenly being very informative, said one brilliant thing about Mr Arnold that he is no longer playing any film since he's now the governor of California and the state is the biggest in US!

Can you believe that? Can you expect any regular Pirate DVD Salesman would knew some US geographic thingy.. ??

At that moment I am very impressed with this guy. Even his fact is missed a bit coz California is the 3rd largest by land area after Alaska and Texas, at least he makes the effort to know something. Man.. This salesman is really something..

And later he even told us he once get caught by KDN authority and ought to pay RM15 grand fine. All 300 pcs which worth RM8 each being seized and all the officer was saying is: DOn't be afraid.  He's just doing his job and and he really dont want to mess with his way of cari-makan..

The fine was settled by his boss (Of course). and there he goes.. continuing his life support by selling DVD. At the very same place!! Ironic.

He also told us about the big fish being towkey of the piracy industries and the complot between them and the KDN top management so that they will always get away and only machine being burnt. The machine at least 10 grand each and the normal one worth 1 Million. So the conclusion (whish this Salesman said to us) is.. they are really big fish or 'whale' as Sam in Las Vegas always called them..

Huhu..?  (no.. no.. I'm the one mentioning about Sam. He probably never care about tv series revolving around staffs at Montecito Hotel and their scandals.. ) Haha..

We assured him we're not any officer that might get him into trouble. Haha.. Poor him. But he just cari makan and and that is all he do for a living. So in his idealistic mind, that is the 'halal' job he could do than robbing some people at the back street. (Apa aku merepek ni??)

Finally Abah chose The Karate Kid and me pick 3 Idiots (My newest Hindi passion after tonnes of cries SRK made me in his MNIK which I'm not proud of coz I cried it out in Main Audi, UIA during a Pre-Marriage Course that I went with Maisarah ).

Okay.. Okay.. I learnt GREAT LESSON today.. We should never judge people. Look and appearance are always get biased. But taught and wisdom words is the real value that not many people seek nowadays..

Now I can enjoy my 3 Idiots for the thousands time watching it on Astro Box Office last month (Totally not a FACT coz I only watched it for more than 10 times.. That's for sure. =P)

And now I wonder.. Do life judge you? Or we judge our own life?? (Gosh... I must be watching too much SATC and get possessed by Carrie..)



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