Why I dont balik kampung..

Its been so long since my last trip to my kampung at Kampung Parit Ju, Batu Pahat.

As I remember the last time I smell the air there wass in 2008 when my great grandmother passed away. Since then, I never been there.. Busyness kept me here in KL and other town in Malaysia during my practical year and making me feel so distant from Parit JU.

The place where I learnt family did really matter. And the cousins are great and they dont hurt our feeling like some friends do.. and trees were my playground and small pond is my swimming pool.

Its the only place in Malaysia where I am allowed to rain-bathing.. Hahaha.. Seriously. I love doing the mandi hujan thingy.. Plus the air there more cleaner and less polluted than KL (Of course!) so in my mum's thought I will be less likely to get fever or such.

Maybe that's why now I never bath immediately everytime I ran into any rain..coz the 'remedy process' during those times made me immune to rain.. (Insya Allah) or the Vitamin C level in my body sufficient to keep me away from fever. Hahha.. Apa2 jer lah..

So why I dont balik kampung??

My family balik kampung almost every 3 months.. Except me.. (T_T) Alahai.. Susah sangat ke nak balik..  Haha.. Ratu drama betol..

Anyway.. I'm going back to Kg Parit Ju today.. So no more speculations.. Saya mahu pergi jadi cucu yang baik dan comel..



  1. balik kampung la best..hehe..x sabar nk balik kampung raya ni,huhu...


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