Hot FM 1900-2000hrs: Reflection for Us.

Aku sepatut nya tulis ni sejak tahun lepas. Dah lama niat tapi tak sempat..

I think as Malaysian we should really feel relieved. As a muslim, specifically. If some of us could notice, many changes happened around the Muslim atmosphere since past few decades. Islamic way of life have been introduced into the mainstream media unlike several years ago when  we could hardly see a woman wearing tudung aired on National TV.

Of course, in the mid 80's when so-called Gelombang Dakwah had spread nation wide, students studied overseas coming back wearing tudung with embroidery that look alike tableclothes, the makciks and pakciks at kampung ask them back, "kenapa kamu pakai alas meja sebagai tudung". And even my ustazah told us that their ustazah, teaching Islamic classes during 60's and 70's didnt cover up their hair as the ustazah long-scarf nowadays! How shocking, for me.

Now Islamic way of life had affect our lifestyles more than during our elders. Thanks to continuous effort of Daie to promote Islam to Malay and also Non Malay.

It is the world that I always wanted. The ideal Muslim country where people always remind others to do Ibadah.  and the most effective channel is through Media. Malaysia is in a baby-step manner to achieve it  but Insya Allah we'll  be one.

One of the most recent effort done by JAKIM is producing an Islamic Channel by the name of TV Al-Hijrah. But that is a proposal done and announced years ago. So I'm not commenting on it. I am more attached with the effort done by one of the most popular radio station in Malaysia; Hot fm under the Media Prima Group.

In November 2010, Hot fm introduced their newest slot. The Hot fm: Refleksi. Aired from 7 pm to 8 pm. Surprisingly, no actual DJ is running the slot but the slot is filled with some spiritual song, I must say, and series of tazkirah by Prof Izi Haji Ali. I met this guy. This is one memorable guy if you saw his wardrobe.

Now here's the thing. What on earth are the producer of Hot fm thinking when they come out with this idea??This 'crazy' idea to adjust their slot just to fill one single hour with some songs and saying from an old-man? Haha.. Nope. Sorry.. Prof Izi is a very handsome gentleman and young, indeed.

During the early days of them airing this slot, me myself get confused Hot fm with IKIM fm! Haha.. what an irony. and yes, the songs they run in the slot is far more spiritual then some culture songs the IKIM fellas choose on IKIM playlist.

The only conclusion that crossed my mind at that time is that, there must be something going on with their management.

Which is actually, is damn good. Among all the other secular slots being aired. They pick the most controversial time of the day. The dusk. 7 pm to 8 pm. The period when the parents wouldn't allow their children to play outside. The time for Muslim in Malaysia, particularly to sit down together for Iftar during Ramadhan, the time that we believe as the 'happy-hour' time for Demon and Devils outside, to air this spiritual slot.

I supposed I was wrong with the Media Prima bosses before. I must apologize. They might be unable to maintain a supposed to be Melayu/Islamic channel that now desperately to be Urban; TV9 or they might be too forgetful that as Muslim, we must hold to our roots to discard any Haram and obey the Halal. But they dare to produce their own "IKIM fm" right in the middle of their comfort zone.

How cool the daring-ness is??

Now some media had done their effort to remind us to the Rightful Path. So what is our own reflection?


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