Getting over from a break up


I am not sure if this was suppose to be a sad post from me.. Lol.. Maybe its kinda exaggerated when I do try to rant on something like this. I've never been through in actual break up. Most of my experience come from my close friends whom either dumped by their former lover or they dumped that person for their own personal reason. 

But I do experience several broken heart situations. Its kinda felt like been stabbed at the center of my heart, weakening the whole body and makes you loses your desire to eat, to sleep, to watch tv, to online (because you afraid you might bumped into that person online), and basically to do anything. 

Yeah... Broken heart really consume your whole energy and your whole self. You are not your self anymore..the only functioning organs might only your heart that keeps the oxygen in and CO2 out. You literally be a living corpse..a zombie. You might go to work, attend meetings, but you are not actually there. Your friends might try to consort you by taking you out, having some fun here and there, but you dont feel anything.

You will be somewhere in Lala-Land with some hope that the person will realize this was a mistake and feel that it was totally your fault.. A friend said to me her experience was "an endless lowering self esteem rotation". You feel you're ugly, and you lose your confidence, and you lose your self esteem. You lose your self esteem because you feel ugly and you lose your confidence. 

I am more likely an observer. I try to do few things that will flower my heart again. Some are total disaster and I lapse back to the crying scene.. But normally, these few trick could help me to ease my sorrow.

#1 Get a new routine.

You might start you day with texting him/her..and when you dont do so, you feel empty. Get a new habit. Start your day by tweeting to the world and spread some happiness, instead. Words like "Good Morning Malaysia" might sounds lame and too ambitious.. but sometime just being an ordinary girl might help you back to the society. Not a tweeter? Then try new cereals on the market and make your own breakfast.. Regular breakfast keeps your metabolism rate on a good track. Who knows you might lose some kilos?

#2 Re-phrase your New Year Resolution.

It's a middle of the year already?? Naaa... Its never too late to start of something that you left while you're too busy maintaining your relationship. Focusing on your own life goal will help you filling empty holes in your heart. It kinda remind yourself about who you are before the relationship. Remember, a good relationship should retain your self not refrain you from being you.

#3 Family is always there as always.

Looking back into your relationship, did you somehow chooses you partner over a family dinner? This is the right time for you to redeem yourself a good quality time with your family. Being a typical Malaysian, we're so family-bounded arent we? We cant celebrate Hari Raya or any Holidays ourselves dont we? So go home often and love your family while they are there to back you up. 

Tried everything but still failed?? That mean you forgot the main big step. 


Back to Allah. He planned this already for you as part of His master plan for whole universe. As He is our Creator, there must be some way out from all these sadness. So go to Him. Cry your heart out on the prayer mat. As cliche as I am saying this, it is really soothing and relieved when you manage to cry during your prayer. Try it once a while ;)

With Love. 


"Farahanani is a CSI freak. She follows all season all series closely with some little hope for World Peace."


  1. u will b fine insyaAllah.... i know it..u know y?? because u r the strongest person i ever know.... u once said to me... "u'll stop being my friend if i didnt stop crying..." u remember that?? hehe
    it's ok... no matter what happen... i'll always b there(technologically) for u okeh babeh! <3 u!


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