How Sweet.


How are you guys today? As usual.. as me scrolled through links at, I jumped into something that caught my eyes. Basically this story is about 20 years old love-letter written by a 12 years old boy, then, and now him, being 32 years old, marrying the same girl whom he gave the letter to.

How sweet.

The note reads;
"Dear Cathy, I still like you and I still want you to go with me. I know Brad likes you. Please decide who you're going to go with. Think hard and let me know your decision. I'll be standing at the end of this hall and the beginning of the other hall. Meet me there as soon as school's out and you can tell me. Sincerely, Trevor."
Cathy did came down to the hall and they go for dating-scene for two weeks before it ended. And the rest become history till they met up again in Pensacola and started dating again. This time, for good. 

The couple's relationship finally came full circle when Trevor took to a knee to propose during one of Cathy's roller derby practices at Dreamland Skate Center, the exact same skating rink where he had given her a $40 gold ring 20 years earlier.
Well.. that is just another Sweet Story of Love that I read this week.. Here's another one that demand attention from you guys.. and might make me smile thinking there's possibilities of one true love out there somewhere. 

He feeds his wife every morning when he visits her at the Nursing home. She hasn’t recognized him in five years due to her Alzheimer’s, when he was asked, “If she doesn’t know who you are, why do you go?” He smiled and said, “She doesn’t know who I am, but I know who she is.”


::FH just wanna smile for the rest of the week. ::


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