People I met in Seoul

Salam Readers!

FH couldn't be happier when I was given the opportunity by Allah to visit Seoul last week. One year plan finally realized on 22nd April when we finally step on Daehan Land. FH went there with my two good friends from UPM years in 17th College.

Yanti. FH. Farahin

This entry is specifically dedicated for interesting people I met in Seoul. 

In between our 'treasure hunt' journey in Seoul, (FH call it treasure hunting because for me the best part of backpacking is when all our nerves and senses activated to make sure we find the places we are looking for. Adrenalin were high and excitement roar when we finally find our the places we wanted to go), Allah of course planned better for us when we met by chances with few interesting Soul in Seoul. 

1) Habil from Bangladesh

Habil came from Bangladesh when he was only 16 years old and live in Seoul (specifically Itaewon Area) since then. After 20 years he own 6 restaurants all over Korea while his Korean wife and family resides in Canada. In the picture above, Habil is the one with blue shoes and the guy at the back is his good friend Hassan who owns a traveling agency and also a Foreigner Newspaper Editor/Publisher. He can speak Korean Language and seems that everyone in Itaewon knows him. When he guided us from Itaewon Station to Itaewon Masjid, everyone from almost each shop wave and greet him. He even offered us to join them in their field trip but, haha. Nevermind.

2. Sarah from Korea
Sarah and her Husband. 

Just after I finished my Solat in Itaewon Masjid, I saw one Korean girl tip-toeing in the Muslimah Prayer Hall looking around the Masjid Prayer Area. My curiosity pushes me to approach this girl asking her why she is here. This lovely girl, she came to the Masjid with her husband. She pointed to her husband who's sitting in the circle (seems like Usrah for me), meeting one of the Sheikhs in white robe and head turban. Turns out they were here because Sarah's husband wanted to meet the Sheikh and asks about Islam. So our conversations goes like this (more or less) ;

FH: Are you a believer?
Sarah: Yes I am a christian.
FH: Have u visited any Masjid before?
Sarah: I have. In Egypt with my friends.
FH: So how you find Islam?
Sarah: I like Islam. 
FH: You must know that first and foremost you must learn about Allah and our Prophet. Love Allah and the prophet first before everything.
Sarah just went on smiling while listening. So I continue.
FH: Unlike Christian, who believe in Original Sin, us Muslim hold on to our own account. No body inherit any sin from their parents/family, neither they inherit any goodness. Sons of a Sheikh doesn't necessarily become Sheikh and inherit the same Faith (Iman) as his father.
Sarah keep on smiling.
FH: So, remember that we must know Allah first. 

Sarah thanks me for all the words and we parted our ways. Few minutes later while my friend and I were browsing the Itaewon streets looking for Eid Restaurant, one girl greet me and I quickly recognized it was Sarah from her Bright Green Cardigan. Her husband tell us that the Sheikhs are so brilliant. Bangladeshi whom very fluent in speaking Korean. We exchanged our FB account and now we're friends on FB.

3. Bill from New Jersey, US and Sunder from Hyderabad, India
FH, Sunder and Bill

Both of them sit at front of me on the bus during our DMZ Trip (FH will share about that later). So we talk about Bill first. Bill is Korean blood born in US, never been to Korea before. He visits Korea with his Dad and when I found out his Grandfather is the designer of Korea Railway System, I am more than amazed. During Japanese Occupation, Bill's Grandfather was captivated by the Japan and he was ordered to design the railway system. Plus, his Grandfather was born in political family and later was the Minister of Transportation of Korea and the first person in Korea who owns a car! I couldn't be more amazed!

Meanwhile, Sunder is our entertainer of the day. Bora our tourist guide for the tour has set up a punishment for those whom turns up later than the time specified. So this fella, he had to sing his National Anthem and guess what? He did! Though FH actually secretly wish he sing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or something. LOL.

So that is my piece of stories about them. Their stories brought some delight to my visit to Korea. Can't wait for my next adventure. ^___^

p/s: FH can't wait to tell my friend Min about my Korea Visit. Do u remember Min from Daebak Cafe? Have you guys visit Daebak Cafe and try their Belgian Waffle? 


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