The Curse In Me..

When I'm thinking about something.. I will think and think and re-thinking again till I satisfied with my own answer. My life's fulfilled with thousand of questions. Some are answerable and many more have no exact answer simply because people or me myself neglect those questions.

SInce I was a little girl I always get the satisfied answer from my parents. Only their answer that make me become quiet again. Later on when I grew up, even if I shut my mouth up when I am thinking, my brain didnt stop working to develope the answer to my questions.

The curse is just in me. Every thing that crossed my very eyes, I will start thinking the detail of the things and asked myself a couple of questions about that thing. Let say if there's a bread on the table; my mind will directly ask. When did my father buy it? Is there any contamination happens? Is the price of the bread rise or not? Not to mention that I will imagine the manufacturing process of that bread. Hahaha..

But thankfully I dont see my problems as such. So I manage to keep my head on whenever any bloody problem get struck on my way. So guys.. Dont mix up your thinking. ^_^


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