Girls Just Wanna Have Fun..

I hardly can recall when is the last time I get off my hook and just let myself breath in the atmosphere and loosen up the so-called embarrassing border. But I just did it tonight. It happen spontaneously (of course this such things are unplanned.. right?) when Fifi my house mate and me went to cafe to fill in the blank a.k.a my empty stomach. haha..

There's a guy sitting opposite our table and drinking what seems to be very appelicious (appealing+delicious) and he's drinking the juice which both of us believe is fresh apple juice like its the last drink he could have on earth. haha.. believe it or not.. the way he drink it is so convincing enough to dry up our throat and makes us buy the same juice. Hahaha.. Now i believe the power of advertisement! The guy just managed to convince is with his un-planned "advertisement"

But the scene is not all bout the fresh apple juice. Before we buy the juice.. going back to the part when the guy started drinking his juice.. Fifi and me did stare at him and he realize our so-abnormal manner and his face was full with thousand of question mark. LOL

So my face like.. spontaneously went out like a waiter stating.. "enjoy your drink, sir" hahaha...

Next after we bought that drink, Fifi says she wanted to show the guy that we also buy the fresh apple juice... So we waited till he looked at us again and Fifi pointed his right finger to the apple juice that she hold with her left hands.. ANd the guy just laugh out with our act..

At that moment I just dont think about any embarrassing moment we just went through. I just think that sometimes we should loosen up a bit and feel the crazy moments.

Yeah.. Girls just wanna have fun.. Surely we did..


  1. patutnyer lps tu leh minta phone number skali..or maybe u can offer him 'another glass of juice?'..
    well we gurls know how to have fun.. ha3.. fifi tu berani r ngorat llk terang- terangan.. hu2

  2. hehe..sokong kakna..=) mesti cute lelaki ituu

  3. Kak Na... huhu.. x cukup cash la plak nak blanja dia another drink.

    Miss S.. quit cute. x la boyish.. nmpk matured.. but who knows his real age is.. ntah2 1st yr. haha..


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