At The Edge of My Sanity

you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning..

when last night you heard about another bombing happen in the middle east..
because of selfishness and eccentricity..
or they just wanna play dirty..
and the AMBITIOUS thing is..
you're not the PBB Secretary General or US President
so you can just hope for 1 thing..
for the world to be in peace..
for only 1 day..

and then come the mid morning..
when you start to feel very hungry..
because you just woke up.. 
or you had skipped your breakfast for whatever reason..
and the sweetest thing is..
you are broke n cant afford to buy snack..
at that moment you just hope for 1 thing..
for everything in world to be free..
for only 1 moment.

and then come the lunch..
you finish everything except the plate and the chicken bones..
because you are not diet-ing at all..
or you just too hungry..
and the BEST part is..
your waistline increased and you fail to zip your pants..
at that time you hope for 1 thing..
for the world fashion industry to ban S size and only sell M and above..
for only 1 year..

and the hi-tea...
you dont like tea so you take coffee..
and you add less sugar..
because you see death and suffer because of diseases..
or you just prefer less sugar rather than MORE..
and the NAIVE part is..
you somehow hope that you could avoid painful life.
so you hope for another thing..
for Allah to demolish all kind of diseases..
for only 1 second..

and for dinner..
you hate the fact that you are not good at cooking..
and you mum keep bombarding you with tense..
-afraid that no one would want to marry you..
or she just too tired of cooking for you and everyone else..
and the FUNNY part is..
you hate your mom cooking and love your dad's..
so you hope for this crazy thing..
for Man to switch role with Woman.. and vice versa..
for only 1 hour..

and the last is supper..
you already lying on your bed..
with your phone at the side ..
and still hasn't ringing for the whole day..
because some1 forgot that you're alive..
or that some one just being ignorant..
and the STUPID part is..
you really miss that person..
from the bottom of your broken heart..
at that very moment you can hope for 1 thing..
for that person to see you decaying..
or marrying somebody else..
so that someone will suffer.. 
for the whole life..


0814 hours..
15 June 2010

~Farahanani Amhazali~


  1. something missing there.. seems like tergantung.. or

    farah? r u in love?

  2. huhu..


    having said that..

    "at the edge of my sanity"

    pagi2 bangun.. tetibe rasa cam nak taip kt atas keyboard...

    pastu.. get stuck nak tulis panjang2.. maybe sbb tu cam tergantung kot..


  3. uisyh..teror gak ko berkarya kak..hahaha..aku suke part "u hate ur mom cooking n luv ur dad's".aku suke nasi goreng hangus abah..hehe


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