Funny, Confusing World

Where "Tambah" Become "Tolak

I grew up in the world where.. 

Man are created for Woman. And Vice Versa.

And then I was told that actually some 
Woman married to a Woman..and some Man live together with a Man

Am I the only one whom getting confuse here?

I grew up in the world where..

Allah created our body to absorb nutrients from natural food.

And then I studied that.. there were a whole lots of pills, tablet and capsule for supplement

Is it wrong if we don't take any supplement? Damn.. I get confused.

I grew up in the world where

Married couple love their babies..

Suddenly I heard unmarried people hate their babies so much. and they threw them everywhere

Ok.. I am really confused, how come married people get babies?

I grew up in the world where..

Smoke is used for cooking..and food aroma means great and delicious.

Now I knew it also meant death..and mass killing

Totally confused here..

Somebody, HELP!!


  1. Don't forget, you're sharing this world with others, so they may not see what you see :D

  2. salam ukhti, pekaba? lama tak jumpe.. nice entry means u need to do a big job that could make u yourself understand as well as others...insyaAllah...move on!

  3. wslm... ukhti..

    alhamdulillah.. sehat.

    cuma sedikit risau dgn ukhti ana di Cairo..



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