2 Gadis di dalam Bandar..

Err.. The title sounds a bit different if I put it this way: 2 Girls in the City. Hurm.. Much better. Hoho..


How's you guys lately? Hopefully the spirit of Yellow still firing in each of your heart (for those who joined the rally, kudos to them). and for those whom anti-BERSIH,  May Allah open your mind so that you could be more understanding and wise.

Okey.. FH wont talk about politic since many people..NO..much people because they're so uncountable! Had written and expressed their feeling, experience, etc regarding BERSIH 2.0.  FH supported Bersih and so I'm wearing Yellow outfit on 10th July. The day after Bersih. See?? I've speak my stand. and that's my lowest Iman to not joining and only wearing Yellow 1 day after. My shame.. my shame..

So.. This is an entry about 1 exciting and anticipating day of last week. I wont say of my life since I dont know yet what will happened in the next coming months. Maybe FH will get married? Hurm???

Last week My best friend, Izyan and me enjoyed 1 day packed with adventure, shopping and food. Of course, also include lots of walking, and  walking, and sightseeing and walking again, and picture moments, and walking again.

Fuhh!! and the next day when I went back home, I slept through the day!

Oh ya... So where did Izyan and me went last week on 7th July??????

We went to Singapore!!!

Yeayy..   (Happy faces)

Our journey started early, 2300 hours on 6 July 2011 when the KTM man opened the barrier to the escalator that led the passenger to the train.

Before the barrier released.

I am so excited. I get the chance to see Tanjung Pagar. 

Together with many others who seems like Indonesian tourist and some westerners, we excitedly looking for our Coach and Izyan took the seat beside window and mine is Isle, later we agreed that I will sit by the window during our journey home 24 hours after that.

The Intercity Train is named Senandung Sutera that will bring us direct to Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Geduk Geduk... (The train sound)

Stop at Gemas for a while. Thought will change the head of Train here, but I guess its not..

Geduk Geduk.. (The train sound)

Train stopped almost 1 hour from 0545 hours to 0650 hours at JB Sentral. Abah had suggested me to buy prepaid top up here before we enter Singapore but I afraid the train will leave me. Dush! I didnt know it will stop for 1 hour here!

But that 1 hour consist of Malaysia Custom Officer visit to each coach and ensure only the people whose travelling to Singapore will stay on the train. Those whom their journey ended in JB, shall end their Journey in JB. I saw the officer did shook some passenger who still sleeping and asked them questions. 

and then they will check each person's passport and document form. The form that was distributed earlier by the KTM guy named Ezwan if I'm not mistaken. His cute, though. Haha.. 

0650 hours.. before the sun rise and brightening the Singapore sky, we arrived at Woodland Checkpoint.

Gosh! The security is so strict here. We didnt know that. Obviously. Izyan snap a picture and then the Custom Officer told her nicely to delete the pic taken. Err.. What a nice greeting from the Island citizen for us.. What?? U bet there will be some dancing from lady wearing coconut leaves skirt and guys playing drums for you, heh?

and then at the counter, I felt so Bimbo when the Custom Lady asked me where I want to go in Singapore. I asked her back, do you need a full address?? Coz I sort of dont really sure where I want to go. She nodded and said, unless you're staying more than 48 hours.  Okey, me replied. You can write Woodlands, there in the column.

Woodlands je???

I just smiled. But my heart was saying. You want me to write the whole route we intended to make, ke??

0710 hours.

Still early. We could see people wearing office wear while waiting for the bus. Ya lah.. I almost forget. We're travelling on weekdays..no wonder we will met those people.

after short instruction from a security officer, we walk instead of hop on the bus to the nearest Mosque. Masjid An-Nur. But we quite surprised to find out that, the mosque is under renovation. Huh?? That security officer must be forgot about the construction. We keep on walking and relieved to see a temporary mosque right beside the Old AnNur Mosque

0730 hours.

Still havent get the chance to use the toilet. We need to get refreshed before we start our day. But the cleaner is so particular, I guess. he took almost 1 hour to clean the toilet. But I guess its so worth the wait. The toilet is absolutely clean and dry, too. I feel so jealous because the toilet at my neighbourhood never as clean as this toilet.

Hurm.. Seems like this entry took longer that I intended it to be.. I have to make it into several posts..

I'll catch up with you guys later.. and reveal more to you guys.. :)



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