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Yours truly actually just got back from a 3 days camp held in Jeram, Kuala Selangor. I do feel good about camping..but few days before I go, I did share my uneasiness feeling with MK. He said.. yeah.. someone will die. I felt angry at that moment and pray that no one will get hurt. Not even a single cut.

Guess what?  No body die but plenty became 'martyr'.. Chopp!! I mean in Paintball arena. Hoho. 

FH played paintball.. twice! and the second round was by my own choice. 

At that moment, inside the bushes, we played with some of the most experienced paintballers in Malaysia. Some get shot, and alive again. (Creepy)...some get killed and never rise again.(Hey..Itu saya la yang mati banyak kali tuh) I sort of thinking...and questioning myself. Is this how they war in jungle? 

Maybe what FH went through is 10% or maybe 1% from the actual war scene.. (of course! they'e using rifle and real bullets while us using maker and paintball. Heh..)

Now I really salute the kamikaze-ness of the army back in the war times..and how brave the Muslim army when they fight with sword on one-to-one meetup. What an interpersonal war. Army nowadays didnt have to know their enemy faces. They dont need make eye-to-eye stare like we watch in Kingdom of Heaven and Beowulf.. All depends on technology computer generated weapon..So they become less brave, I guess?? Opps... Tak baik tuduh orang macam tu..

Ehh... Jauhnya saya pergi!

Where am I suppose to go this time?

Yeah.. Back to my Singapore journey with Izyan, my BFF.

So..where were we??

Yes.. we're looking for Merlion that was actually right behind us. Lol..

That moment, we were waiting for Izyan's friend whom later will be introduce..

And what will 2 girls do when they are too boring while waiting for somebody???

They take pictures!!!

Merlion look kinda cute from this angle.

Can I wash my hand?

Izyan trying to stop the water.

No.. Not wet at all.


Good Merlion...

Thats a love bond called: Friendship.

Smiling (",)

Imitating the Merlion.. So tak jadi... Heh.


Mana la mamat ni?

So now can u figure out how to get to Merlion?? Lemme show the map. Make sure u are a good map reader, or get a person who good at it. Oh.. This Merlion we're talking about is this one, which located near Esplanade.

See that tiny Merlion word near Fullerton Road? That where this Merlion is. So, if you're using MRT, the nearest is Raffles Place station and its a walking distance from that station to Merlion. You will cross the road at front of Fullerton Road bus stop or you could take a bit walk at the park after crossing Fullerton Bridge and using the tunnel beneath the road to get to Esplanade Park and back to Fullerton Bridge as Izyan and Me used..

I'm sure you could easily find that route anytime even if you're at the middle of the week. We're on Thursday and there's a lot of tourist, as well as Singaporeans using that path for jogging and also visiting some of the historical monuments at the Esplanade Park.

That's all for today's post. FH couldnt be less excited coz tomorrow is Baju Raya Shopping Day..

Selamat Berpesta Ibadah!

As what these two fellas doing...

How I wish..many more people become like them.. They're doing Da'wah with such intelligent art! May Allah bless them.



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