Of Izyan and Farah

[[Warning: This entry contain lotsa lotsa pitcha. Dont try to load this page with Intel Pentium at home]]


This is the second episode about our journey to Temasek on 7th July 2011. U might have read my previous entry which u could scroll down this page or click here >>> 2 Gadis Dalam Bandar


So, after we get refreshed at Masjid An-Nur, we took breakfast at stall nearby. The drink counter ran by chinese while other stalls we're mixed between Malay and non Malays..

Breakfast at 0851 hours

Nasi Lemak $2.00. Epok2 Boyan and Iced Milo $1.20 each

That should be enough. We dont want to be too full and later rushing for toilet. Dont we?

We ate breakfast for two reasons. 1st, HUNGRY. and secondly, bcoz in order to hop on the bus to Woodlands Station, we need small change i.e. $1. Since we both only have the smallest $10, therefore, we hear one nice aunty from the Mosque to eat breakfast first. 

Then, we waited for the bus and Daa... Woodlands Station!

If you noticed, Izyan wore different shawl..

We bought ticket to MRT Station Tanjung Pagar using a very comprehensive yet ticket machine. FYI, we could buy  ticket and also redeem $1 everytime we return our used ticket. Cool, huh? Its a cool way to reduce usage of plastic and to educate citizen to take a good care of MRT ticket.

Ehh.. Whats this??? There's Bukit Gombak in SIngapore?????

We intentionally stop here for a while to take this picture. HAHA.

The safety measures they took to avoid people jump off the platform. We dont have it here.

1015 hours

Arrived at Tanjung Pagar MRT. There's a helpful map to guide visitors like us reaching our destination. The map state that we could take either Exit E or D next to AXA Building to Bus Stop no 4. From there, any bus should bring us to Tanjung Pagar. So we chose Exit D.

1050 hours

Bus Stop no 4 is across the street of Shenton Way behind AXA Building. We didnt cross just to loosen up a bit and drink water.

Oh ya... From Woodland ----->> Tanjung Pagar = $3.10. Remember that $1 is redeem-able. So the actual fare is only $2.10

1100 hours

Yeayy!!! Tanjung Pagar!!!! 

I joke to Alfian that my intention to Singapore is to visit Tanjung Pagar. If I could see the Pagar pun jadi lah... and there!! My mulut is so salty! This pic was taken right at the pagar of this historical station. We could not enter the area as the area now is under Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and they have started the demolition project and actually the whole right side of the fence have been demolished and a couple minutes after we took this pic, they started to demolish this side of pagar. Luckily we manage to run. Hoho..

1140 hours

After the wish have been granted by Lord, we continue our journey to another part of the island. Our destination is to Bugis and Arab Street. So as the uncle at Bus Stop at front of Custom Office said, we could hop on Bus no 57 and go to Bugis Station. But we changed our mind. So we get off from the bus at Fullerton Rd Bus Stop to see the Merlion.. Heee...

The Fullerton Hotel

Fullerton Bridge

Fullerton Bridge

Fullerton Bridge..

Cavenach Bridge

Girl in the tunnel

Yours truly: Posing

Sunny Day and Ice Cream: Pairs made in heaven.

At Lim Bo Sen Memorial.. Its written in Jawi as well!!

Ok.. At this point, we cant find the Merlion. So silly of us! It is right behind us!

Picture moment..

Izyan was texting with...????

Okey... That was a lot!! Never shared that big amount of pitcha so far.. But this is only half day. There's another half day to be finished and more adventure coming..

Stay tuned...



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