Nini & Koko

Salam everyone.

Hows your life been??

Just wanna say, finally I got a camera!!

LOVE it.!!

and.. as everyone who knows me, they're asking, what is the name??

Ya lah....

KEBUN is for my car.. coz the plat number is KBN ***

VOLVO is my Lenovo s10..

TETED is my 25 years old Teddy Bear.

A is my Aino phone..

Pretty much all my personal belonging got their own name which I will call them with the name.

so... this time.. my camera name is..





(drumroll) (again)


Laa... Its already written above lorr..

Nini is for the camera body, and Koko is for 18-55mm lens.

Like it! Like it! Like it!

I will have a thousand excuses to get busy updating my but I will have to triple up my kerajinan to do that at first.. HAHA..

Ok.. Bye2..

Oppss... Thats me! ^__^


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