New title for me: A Dietitian


What a month! I am now a Dietitian cum Clinical Instructor at Fakulti Sains Kesihatan, UiTM Puncak Alam. Totally different from my previous job in AEON Wellness Pharmacy. Still, job is a job. We suppose to earn the money we get. I am totally uncomfortable with the thought that we can be relaxed and enjoy while doing completely nothing!

I mean, who can live with that idea? Not to mention unnecessary claims, wastage of time and time and time.. Argh... TIME. Is the most valuable thing. Each minute we live, we should garner income. I am trying to be not one of those people who just sit and do nothing. I'll do my best. Especially in this condition where we have to work with so many people from different departments. People do talk. Either good or bad.

Hopefully Allah will bless my new job and bless every penny I get from to 5 pm of my working hours.  


  1. salam farahanani..nama saya hana..saya rasa mcm knal awk..saya dlu study food tech kt uitm..saya tumpang comment di sini sbb interested dgn post awk psl jd clinical instructor kt uitm..ada opening lg x? cmne nk apply?..harap sgt dpt bantu saya..t.kasih

  2. Waalaikumsalam..

    Untuk jawatan kosong kat UiTM awak boleh check kat website UiTM.. Saya pun tak pasti sangat kalau awak dari food tech UiTM boleh apply untuk Clinical Instructor cum Dietitian atau tidak.. =)

  3. amik food tech masa saya amik je grade so tgh cari2 keje la ni..


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