First Time Voting 05 05 2013


What a week! Seems that Malaysia had spoken and the result is as what we can see all over the net and prints that BN won again to continue being government. I must say I really relieved to see the results in Selangor. People in Selangor still get more than 20 litre of free water bill. Heh.

and what is PRU means to me? I think almost everything. Everything that we trust and behold to. What we believe to be a fair and clean system that will represent people's voice in selecting the government to govern. The system that created by human, of course have some flaw. Only God's law are flawless. The best we can do is to protect any evil from continue breaking the system to fulfill their purpose.

Ok. Enough with theories.

So what happened to me during the E-Day? I woke up like a normal non-working day (apparently me brain had set a certain time to wake up especially during weekend) and then I dressed up.

9.00 am           Walking to the Polling Station.
9.03 am           Arrived. I started queuing and ignoring any 'Hot Booth' nearby.

Look at the line. 
                        Here's when some funny incidents happen.
                        1) One guy complaining of the hot sunny weather. There's another elderly man, whom    
                            already cast his vote, hears that and respond: 
                         "If you want air conditioned area, you should go inside. I'm sure there's plenty empty slots. "
                                        (Pointing to the cemetery area beside the queue line). 
                             We laughed.
                         2) Out of curiosity, I requested to read a Voting Slip of a Chinese Lady behind me. 
                             Seems that I am the only one who dont hold any paper of slip. Turns out that she 
                             actually went to the wrong place! So she left  immediately. 

10.00 am       Me finally reach the school's gate. After a 200m long queue.
                     Some of the voters complained that the EC people ask everyone (even if they already know  
                     their Lane) to check their Lane first before queuing to the correct room. Now our effort  
                     to print out from EC website or checking via SMS seems useless. Finally when a lady 
                     suggest for solution, they ordered the voters to queue at their respective Lane.

10.30 am      Reaching the door of Lane 4. 
                    A police outside the door that clearly written NO CAMERA.  
                    But there's a guy behind the police ignoring it and recording the events using his camera phone. 
                    EC Agents at the door and the first table reading my name and IC number loud and clear.
                    How awkward.
                    EC Agent at the 2nd table marked my left finger with the so-called permanent ink.
                    EC Agent at the 3rd table give me a folded paper. 
                    So that first time voter like me will know how to fold?

10.35 am     Reading my vote paper. 

                   Carefully write a large "X".
                   X for wrong?

                   Put my Vote in the see through Ballout Boxes. 

10.36 am    Walk out from the room.
                   Hungry and thirsty.
                   Reaching out for my neighbours at 'Hot Booth' and grab Orange Drink provided.

Foods and Drinks at Hot Booth

 What a day of Glory and Grief. Now I can't wait for upcoming GE14 to cast my second contribution to Malaysia. 


p/s: Racist have no place in Malaysia. Not even in this world of peace and harmony.                   


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