Appreciation from the expert. Such an honour!

Salam Readers,

This is the same post I uploaded to both my FB: Farahanani Amir Hamzah and Instagram: farahanani33

Few weeks ago I received top 10 consolation prize for participating in "Peraduan Ulas Buku ITBM". This time I am at 4th place. It was my 5th year joining this competition and 4th time winning a consolation prize.

Yes. I got top 10 in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Surely winning top 3 will be better, but, can I have the prize for consistency? LOL.
I noticed that all 12 top 3 winners in the past 4 years are all male! Never in my observations any female reviews won top 3 places. I must continue writing reviews till I manage to break that record and win for the girls. (Fighting!)

Big thanks to ITBM for a marvelous literacy journey. I never knew this scientific mind (read: me) can write something and contribute to the literature world in my own way (writing book reviews).

Don't ask me to write anything other than that. I don't know...or maybe not yet. Allah knows better.

p/s: Dont tell them I do write cliche novel of Elhana & Zakuan.
p/s: Thank you to one of you who made me scroll down the posts on ITBM FB till I accidently found this photo.

Love, FH


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