Day Dreaming

Life has been always a surprise for me and everyone. I wonder why people have to look at their life as if it is a burden to them. Life is hectic. Yes it is. But never look at your life from negative point of view. Those line of negative thinking people sometimes really painful to my ear. I knew some of them. Often think that world never being on their side. That everyone hates them. Under certain circumstances we do need to think negative. Especially when making a decision. Gotta list down several pros and cons of that particular thing. But every minute we were thinking about the negative part of that item?? I don’t think I can live with that.
Life is a miracle. As long as you believe it is. It’s some kind of Laws of Attraction, you see. The more you think about something, the more likely it will become reality. That is why motivators always keep saying we must dare to dream and dare to believe in our dream. Because dream could be reality. No matter how ridiculous your dream is. No matter how crazy it is. Because our own imagination is the only boundaries to our dream. We can choose to not dare to dream but in the end we will lose. Losing the passion  in our lives. Because dreams will be your desire to live.
Rasulullah pbuh once dreaming and believing that Yathrib will be filled with many Muslimeen and Mukminin and yet his dream come true. Even initially people are racing to kill him. But he (pbuh)  never gave up with his unrealistic dream. So why should we stop now?? No one ever ask you to stop dreaming. It is you yourself killing your own dream softly by thinking about all sort of negative things that in the end of the day, you gain nothing. Nothingness really makes people wacko. 
I have my own dreams.. But to-be-listed in upcoming post.. So what's our next step??? Just read this post and continue our life as before?? We should be more confident with our dream. Those who don't dare to dream.. do not dare to live their own life. Haha.. It's a challenge from me. To built your own mind and perspective, to construct your dream, to believe your own capacity, and to live your own dream...
Dream.. Dream.. Dream...


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