The Best-Day Ever.. Part 1

1..01 am..
22 years ago..

People are wondering.. 
why did a baby cried out loud from a labour room in University Hospital, PJ

People wonder.. 
This baby.. Whom her grand ma and grand pa wait for her born outside the labour room. When her other grand parents from her Abah side whom never care about her existence. But her grandparents from her Ummi side stood there waiting for her. Asking the doctor and nurses when will she be born. So that they could hold her. Show love to her. But why did she ever born?

People get wonder. 
When she was born.. The first thing she was good at is talking. She starts talking before she could lift up her body to stand. But still... Her grandparents from her Abah side didn't care about her. 

People really wonder. 
When she's not even a year old.. Her uncle dies a day after he holding her. As if she was the last baby to be hold by the uncle. Dude.. you really have to be careful with this baby. Is there something wrong with her?

People never stop wonder. 
When after a year and 4 months. This baby got a sister. So how could her parents divide their loves to the two sisters? Poor little baby. Her parents got a new baby.

People will wonder. 
This baby who drank Snow Milk instead of her Ummi Milk.. Later become a toddler. A bubbly toddler. Who never sleep during long journey. That will accompany her Abah while he is driving. And she always become the saviour. When her father become careless while driving and she will scream because of the danger. Or when she was crying when the car get stuck in the drain. And then people comes to save the car when they heard she crying. 

People must wonder. 
She learn to read before she was 5. When her friends pronounce Chewing Gum wrongly, she corrected her. But people afraid to be friend with her. When she cuts her own finger. She always get teased by her friends. Because she loves to cry. Oh.. She really do.

So people will never stop wonder.


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