Hectic m&m 17

The m&m finally ends..
yet some reports should be finished before the end of the month..
This busy schedule is going to melt down...
I will b no longer MTM members..
Glad I manage to end the term with Masak&Makan 17.
Posing with sOme committee while the contestant were chaotically cOoking. Ahakss

"Per Se.."
Our talented guys.. I never say guys can't cook!
"My Running SHoes"Easily runs trough stairs and bridges.. haha..


  1. yeay!!!Farah!!ur a good director!keep it uP!!!we reli eNjoy dat day!!thanXXX=D....hehe...

  2. huhu..
    kasut besar??
    apakah Motif??
    ok..kasut baru..
    kami fahammm...


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