Fall in love with your bestfriend??

Have you ever trapped in such situation? What will you do next? Will you straight away tell your friend about your feeling? What if she/he already have someone in their heart? And for them your mere a very good friend?
Speculations really hurts. Isn't it?
We will keep torturing our mind by asking the unanswerable questions about how we suppose to act at front of that person, how to not crossing any friendship line between you and that person, how to be a good and nice friend but in the mean time you are mad about him/her?
Arghh!! These crazy thoughts really condemned me to depression lately. I often stuck in the situation where I almost fall in love with my own best friend. Haha..
But what is my normal practice?? I force my self to let go off my feeling.. So along the way I also hurt my own feeling. However is that all matters? I think I'm going to stop all this self-torture manner.
So what's the next step??
1. To be true to your self and person. But you really need a full-strength motivation to do this.
So before that...
2. List the pros and cons of the consequences if you confess. Is there any possibilities that the person likes you too?
But what if they really likes you and actually can't live without you??
3. Delightful! But such conditions are rare cases and only happens in drama n novels.. Haha..
Normally your friend will get shocked with your words and pull him/herself apart from you for a while.
What should you do now???
4. Be relax. Make sure you control the situation and let your friend analyze the situation.
At this point:
2 condition might happen..
a) Your friend likes you and could picture you two being together in the future. So that's the happy ending for both of you. Bravo..
b) Your friend thought you are ridiculous and again you were making up another practical jokes. That's mean they don't have any feeling towards you.
SO what to wait? Move on and look for somebody else lahh..



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