Flirty Guy...

They do exist. Believe me. I can't believe but recently I met one of them. Actually I've meet this particular guy I wanted to talk about, 2 years ago in a counseling course held in Genting. This guy is really annoying coz he loves to talks at the back during people talking at the front. And his voice quite loud and will loudly response to the speaker. UNfortunately for me.. Coz I always get to be a row or 2 at front him so his voice becomes more annoying. I still remember when I look at him when he's 'announcing' his unpractical jokes that sounds like begging for people laughing for the joke.  Haha.. Maybe I am a bit exaggerating but the truth is.. He is DAMN annoying. What was funny is I really remember his face and every time I saw him during any event I will be like.. Not this guy again!

It happened to be.. Last few days, I have to deal with a guy named A. From a couple of his first texts portrays to me that he maybe a 'soft' kind of guy. Haha... So I directly ask Intan about this guy character. Intan told me that this A is a normal tough guy. So I let go off my suspicious. And after a couple of days dealing with him through messages... I kind of have this hunch that he is flirty. A very flirty guy! But I consider that he is my participants for the cooking contest so I motivate myself to stand with his manner.

But my sense get to the limit when on the very day it was revealed that A is the annoying guy that I told you earlier! How much disappointment for that? 99% disappointments. Huhu.. I cant believe I've being so nice to one of the most annoying guy in the whole universe. Well, that was then but my thoughts about him never changed.
If I knew that A is the annoying guy, I wouldn't have helped him a lot. I felt like wanna hit my head with a HAMMER for this annoying mistakes. Hahaha...

An during the event all the girls was surrounding their group (since they are all-male group in the contest). And I remember how flirty he is during messaging with me. The whole picture was so perfect and I gave him another title : P.L.A.Y.E.R. I'm s0oo anti-flirty so I kinda anti-this A guy. I can't stand with any flirty guy even they don't really meant to be flirtatious. I just cant stand their flirty act. Do they think they can get what they want by being superficial nice to girls? I just don't understand.



  1. I still remember when I look at him when he's 'announcing' his unpractical jokes that sounds like begging for people laughing for the joke. Haha..

    HAHAHAHAA.memng.skulah kami juga ada.mereka berkelakuan seperti perempuan XD

  2. Pelik kan?
    Kadang2 rasa kelakar bila memikirkan kewujudan org2 begini..
    Tapi itu lah keunikan ciptaan Ilahi..


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