Finally... Manage to watch Geng:Pengembaraan Bermula yesterday. We actually booked the ticket earlier but we arrived a bit late at GSC TimesSquare.. So the counter guy told us that our reservations have expired. Nevamind.. The ticket still open for any buying so 8 of us (Me+Ila+Nadya+Ayu+Aisyah+Kinah+2 Kinah's Friend) only get left side seats. Huhu

And the verdict is... Geng is a must watch movie of the year!! Oh yeah... !! All the elements of humour, happiness, sad, suspense, horror.. All blend up and become the almost perfect ABC taste ever. Huhu...

I am super proud with our own Malaysian Brand who succeed in producing this super-cool animated movie. One of the best damn thing in this movie is when you have to expect the unexpected scene from the characters.. and the plot is very smooth and linear and when the movie ends, I really wish its not the definite end.. Huhu..

And this morning.. when to a warehouse named. Floristika. A huge warehouse fully loaded with flowers.. Roses.. Tulips.. Even if I am not a fan of any flower.. I still feel refreshed when I went out from the warehouse.. I hope I could go to that Stika again.. ^_^


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