Sizzling SaturDay.. Soothing SUnDay..

This is one weekend I look forward to. Go shopping with Izyan on Saturday and going crazy with Aniza on Sunday. I want to shop till I drop. Till all the stores drop their window.. Hahaha.. Its mere imagination.. Most probably at the end of the day I will only spend my money on food as I always do. My usual practice is.. I wont buy anything during my first visit. I will only buy stuffs when I already knew the market price.. So I can make comparison. That's a really smart consumer practice. Haha.. At least I will observe 3 times at any particular stuff I wish to buy and finally will buy it. Maybe people say it sooo wasting time.. But I really comfortable with my habit. I think I rather enjoy the walk and spending time with my friends rather than buying garments.
So people.. Just think.. Before you buy. Or your newbies might end up residing in your closet simply because you regret buy it.


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