Digging Deeper..

I always happened to be very confused with my own life and my own feelings. Why should I?? Gosh... Why am I thinking in a very primitively complicated way as such? If it was meant to me to like or just have a crush on somebody.. What should I do next? As in my previous history.. I just let it be and act as nothing happen. And why on earth I should be bothered with these things in my mind?
Yes.. this guy is quite appealing and that's it. He doesn't meet much criterion that I ought for to be called as my "Prince Charming"... But I meet him everyday at my workplace and all those crazy things flooding in my brain and making me mad.. all over him again. Yes he did shows some interest on me. I can sense that even it's not in the most obvious manner a guy would show.. and even making me myself confused with my own judgement.. Haha.. I am trying hardly to sort my self out of this.. Why try hardly? Coz this crazy feeling might only be the outcome of some loneliness deep inside my heart. Am I really a lonesome?

I bet I just wonder how is it life that filled with some1 inside my heart. I mean some1 other than my family... my girl friends.. my BFFs... Yeahh... I am crazy and ridiculous enough to burst this in my blog.. So what??  I dont think people really care what I write..  I am still single as I ever do and probably the most confused girl on earth... But I do ask guide from Allah.. And He's guiding me.. as Allah always do.. Alhamdulillah..


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