That's a wrap for IPD in Kuala Terengganu..

Alhamdulillah.. Finally I reach my home sweet home in Kampung Puah.. I still cant believe I'm in KL till I step upon my door and seeing KeBuN and CAR waiting for me.. KeBuN.. which is my new BF.. will soon bring me everywhere under the sun and be my new companion.. and CAR.. My Umi's 850cc Kancil is now Maroon-colored.. Which makes me wonder.. Why Maroon?? Haha... My Abah chose that color.. Even we know his favourite was Green..

Terengganu was a calm state.. Most probably because it have lots of beaches and the hospital were I finishes most of my day time is situated at front of Batu Burok Beaches.. Batu Burok probably not the best representative for Terengganu Beaches.. But I already satisfied with the Song of Waves that flooded in my ears whenever I went to the wards situated nearer to the beach.. All the tense will fade away and clearing all my tense..

I am so grateful to get the chances to finish my 2nd In-Patient-Dietetics Internship in Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah.. The Dietitians are strict when talking about work but play around a lot as well.. ^__^  I will never forget the way I order my breakfast... and the abang2 will ask me to repeat my order one more time only to tease me... and will repeat and say : "Air Milo O Suam.. Letak Milo sikit.. Gula sikit.. Air Suam Sikit... Nescafe sikit..." LOL..

I will never forget the feeling when I step into the wards and greet the nurses and asking the Bed Head Ticket (BHT).. and I will check the ticket... and greet the patient.. and asking their appetite for that day.. and waiting for their response.. and so on till the whole consultation ends with the dietitian verify my job on the BHT..

And I kinda begin to like this job.. Where life is soo unpredictable.. (Of course we can't expect what is happening to our patient now and forever)... and the thrill in managing their diet intake and understanding the medical problem.. My forever problem of course..! haha..

So that's a wrap for my IPD... now have to focus on Food Service part soon to begin this Sunday in Alor Setar.. and later my Community part and I dont know where the hell it will be...

Alhamdulillah... I manage to go this through.. With the guidance from Allah...


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