[Kotak Resepi] Briyani Rice with Chicken

Salam Ramadhan..

Last Saturday FH tried cooking Briyani Rice Muar Style with recipe from www.iresepi.net. The recipe was intended for Gam Briyani Rice but FH use normal method. As a beginner, I think I'm doing pretty well considering all plates were extremely clean that night. Now I know that cooking Briyani is not that hard as I thought. Lol..

Muar Briyani Rice (7-8 pax)

Briyani Chicken

You will need....

125 gm of Ghee
3 tbsp of Cashew
3 tbsp of Raisins

Herbs and Condiments: Star Anise (Bunga Lawang), Cinnamon (Kayu Manis), Cardamom (Buah Pelaga)

Sliced: 2 big onions

Blenderized: 10 shallots and 5 garlic plus 1 inches of ginger

5 tbsp of Briyani Powder plus 1 tbsp of 'Mother' of Briyani Powder***
(***secret ingredients from some groceries available in Johor)

250ml of Yogurt/Lassi (This is Ummi's home made Yogurt)
You can make your own by adding 2 tbsp of lime juice to 1 cup of milk and leave it for 15 minutes.

2 tbsp of Tomato Puree

1.5 kg of chicken (this one before getting fat-trimmed)

Now you have all the ingredients, let's get started!

1) Heat the Ghee in pan.
    Sautee all the Sliced, Blenderized, and Herbs.

2) When you can smell the aroma of onions caramelized in the pan, Add the Briyani Herbs Powder which being made into paste by adding little amount of water.

3) Cook the paste for 5-10 minutes. You can smell the Briyani Aroma at this moment. 
    Wait till the 'oil rises'.
    In Malay Cooking, we normally refer the done-ness of the ingredients sauteed in oil by  observing when the oil no longer absorb with ingredients. 

4) Add the chicken/meat. Add some water till the level that you want. If you prefer more gravy, add more water.

5) Keep cooking with medium heat. 

6) When the chicken tender, add the Yogurt, Raisin and Cashew. Keep the medium heat and simmer till all done.

7) For some 'cosmetics' you can also add a few red chilies and green chilies. It serves as eye candy as well as spicier taste. 

Briyani Rice

Basically, the main ingredients are the same. Method also pretty much the same. 

You will need:

5  cup of Basmathi Rice
5 cup of water
5 tbsp of Briyani Powder plus 1 tbsp of 'Mother' of Briyani Powder***
250gm of Ghee
250gm of Yogurt
3 tbsp of Cashew
3 tbsp of Raisins
A pinch of Salt

Herbs and Condiments:
Star Anise (Bunga Lawang), Cinnamon (Kayu Manis), Cardamom (Buah Pelaga), Sweet Cumin

Sliced: 10 shallots, 5 garlic and 1 inches of Garlic

All ingredients ready? Let's start...

1) Heat pan with Ghee

2) Saute the herbs and sliced ingredients.

2) Make the herbs powder into paste and add into the sauteed ingredients

3) Wait till the 'oil rises'. Add the Basmathi Rice. We will saute the Rice for a few minutes

If you notice, there are some greenish substances in the pan. Yes. That is Pandan Leaf added for some aroma.

 4) Transfer all the sauteed ingredients into your rice cooker. Add cashew, raisin, Saffron, water,  yogurt and salt to taste. Let the rice cooker do the rest of the magic.

5) And you're DONE!

Serve your Briyani Chicken Rice with Curry Dalca and Cucumber Salad.

Satisfaction to the max!

Tricks and Tips:
1. FH dont add Saffron to this cooking since Saffron is not available at my home that day.
2. You may add another half cup of water to the rice since this recipe makes the rice a bit dry.
3. If you are the Super Spice person, make a Sambal to enlighten your Briyani. 
    Just grind some red chilies with bird eyes chilies. 
4. FH actually did not use Ghee fully. Instead, I use Ghee and Margarine. (3 tbsp Ghee + 3 tbsp Margarine)


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