[Book Review] Michelangelo Code by Nazehran Jose Ahmad

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In these few days, I noticed that some people were browsing Michaelangelo Code written by Nazehran Jose Ahmad. Less known Malaysian author on action-thriller novel. But he got a nice name, isn't it?

So me do the browsing by myself, to find out why almost every day there will be at least one people reading my old reviews in Malay Language on that novel. Surprisingly, this is the reason:

Selasa, 10 November 2015 @ 2:11 PM 2 novel terjemahan Malaysia disenarai Anugerah Sastera Dublin

Selanjutnya di : http://www.bharian.com.my/node/95872
2 novel terjemahan Malaysia disenarai Anugerah Sastera Dublin

Selanjutnya di : http://www.bharian.com.my/node/95872
2 novel terjemahan Malaysia disenarai Anugerah Sastera Dublin

Selanjutnya di : http://www.bharian.com.my/node/95872
Two Malaysian novels nominated in early nomination for Dublin Literary Award 2016: Michaelangelo Code and Tree of Sorrow

I feel there's a need for non Malay readers out there (if there's any), particularly those whom interested to know more about this piece, to read the review in English. I am still learning to write in English so please forgive me for my imperfections.

Dear Nazehran Jose Ahmad, if you are reading this, this is for you!

Let’s manipulate facts and history


Pages: 624 pages (Attachment included)

Fact is the truth. Something undeniable. The solid reality. History could be facts or something that was totally made up by the historian. History shouldn’t be a biased one sided recording of the events. The downfall, rises of an empire should be portrayed accurately for the younger generations to learn without judgement.

Honestly, I like what the author did with this novel. He took one event, made up a story, and started his own symphony for us to indulge. Michaelangelo Code tells a lot of historical events, decorated with fiction simply to let our imagination play along with the story line.


Sheikh Hamza is a reverted Muslim (Muallaf) since 20 years ago. Once a buskers, playing music at the streets and now in his 50s, on his route promoting his best-selling book: The God's Code: Secret of the Koran across Europe and world. A Quranist, mathematician, and expert in Renaissance Ages, bumped into young, free spirited journalist Jessica Keith. Their encounter was awkward yet the chemistry between both will bring us along the whole journey of escaping Interpol chase, simply because they are somehow linked to Vatican Archive guard murder. Out of London, and heading straight to Vatican to unveil the secrets of two keys; The Vatican symbol. Surprisingly, more murder happened and greed individuals doesn’t help much in their path. It is the Michaelangelo treasure that was at stake and it’s up to them to stop the enemies. They have to decode Michaelangelo arts, in between the rival of The Pure Ones, The New Ones, The Pope, and Vatican. Not to forget the Interpol, the whole of Christian world and Islam.

Complicated, huh? Maybe the author was too ambitious? Or the readers couldn’t keep up with his conspiracy style plot. I like this spider web style plot. Salute to the author because he was able to create such challenging writings. To lessen the challenges, maybe readers should be prepared and browse some Michelangelo arts on the web so that you will be able to keep up whenever a piece was mentioned.

For those who love the Renaissance Age, this one is for you. He didn’t change the known facts on important events for Christianity such as Council of Nicea, a shocking survey among Europe Bishop which revealed majority were questioning whether Jesus is God, and The Cathars existence. I must say, in terms of local perspective, Nazehran Jose Ahmad is pretty stunning in portraying action unlike other author whom relatively more famous among the mass.

I have one irrelevant question.

What is Sheikh Hamza's age? 40s or 50s?

Reading this in Malay, I find it funny when the author ‘warned’ the readers about the upcoming adventure for Sheikh Hamza and Jessica Keith. Reading the title and the synopsis at the back already given some insights on the adventure. He didn’t have to remind the readers again. Sometimes, the description of the scene was told (for better understanding, maybe?). But I believe author should be more daring by letting the readers to make own deduction based on the events.

As I mentioned above, Sheikh Hamza Yunus and Miss Keith is a perfectly sewn match. The age differences make it more interesting. Diverse worldview between elderly man and a knowledgeable young lady give the contrast to this complex and interesting couple. Sheikh Hamza needed to be a Christian first, and later a Muslim to be able to reach the same level of understanding of Miss Keith.

This is a mind blogging novel for those who love to get some headache. Your imagination will be challenged in order to captivate the author's essence on reality and fiction.

Good Luck Nazehran Jose Ahmad!

"History?? Hurmm.. I like history.. "  - Syeikh Hamza Yunus Cairel.


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