C-Day (11 Oct 2010)

That day.. Everything come to the end.

The closure to all my university days since the first time ever I step into the campus life. 30 Jun (If I'm not mistaken). The first day people call me as 'Mahasiswi'. Much tears and also joy, there are laugh and also secrets. Unfinished story that will always re-told and re-shared for everyone to find our similarities we had.

The fence we climbed.. The hills we jogged.. The kitchen we cooked..The classrooms we went.. The laundry guy we ushered.. The buses we waited for hours.. The lecturers we heard.. Friends we never like.. Foe that we always talk about.. Guys we always hate.. Good food we made..or bought.. and shared.. Pillow talks that happened for days and days.. The never ending stories that we love.. The tudung style that change since day 1 till final day..

Everything. We had in 4 years. We grew up together. and together we fall..

After everything we did together. We chose to celebrate this C-Day with our own. There's no more We and Us but become Me and I.

We separated.


UMI and ABAH.. I hope you're proud of me..

Maisarah and Yatie.. Thanks for coming.. :)

My sisters... Lepas ni your turn..
Nadrah.. Love you dear.. =)


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