A to Z

Little allocation for some Jiwang words..

Love is like ABCD...

A is when I’m AMAZED with the way your talk
B is when I BECOME the real me beside you
C is when we’re CHILLING each other.
D is when you are the man of my DREAM
E is when I’m ENGAGED to your heart
F is when we’re FRIENDS and FOE equally
G is when your GESTURES show that you love me
H is when my HEART is all for you
I is when your name INSTALLED in my mind
J is when JEALOUSY play major role
K is when we KID ourselves
L is when you’re LOCKED to my heart
M is when MONEY is not the main factor
N is when the NORMALITY of us being together
O is when we face the OBSTACLE in our life
P is when you care about my PRIDE
Q is when we love our QUESTIONS
R is when I lay REST in your arms
S is when we become STRONGER day by day
T is when we’re TOTALLY mad about each other
U is when UNDERSTANDING become habit
V is when you VANISH my pain away
W is when the WORLD seems like only made for us two
X is when you gave me Xenodochy. 
Y is when YES, I’m in love with you
Z is when we create our own ZONE

Yours. Truly.

~Farahanani Amhazali is madly invOLVEd with you~



  1. Sedang hangat berkasih dengan imam muda yang mana satu ni? :p

  2. Oo.. Maksudnya setiap kali kita tulis sesuatu.. Perkara tu ada kaitan dengan kehidupan kita la..

    Unfortunately, this time its not..

    Hanya nukilan.. ;P

  3. Mungkin ya, mungkin tidak. Ohh! Kalau betul pun apa salahnya.

  4. ahh FH.. nowww i can imagine..

  5. Apa pun yang kamu fikir.. Itu bukan kenyataan nya.


  6. hehe.. mungkin bakal menjadi kenyataan.. tak siapa mampu menduga masa depan.. :)


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