May Allah Bless Your Soul; Inani Zalikha

We'll never knew precisely when Malaikat Maut will 'invite' us to the land after life. Seriously. What do we expect from life, after all?

Do we expect Allah will gave us SMS or email or IM to warn the coming of Izrail?

How many times should we face the death of our beloved-s to make us realize how close the death with us rather than the life it self?

How can we assure our reputation at front of Munkar and Nakir ?

Do we knew the place of our death?

Whom will we be with upon our last breath?

What is the condition of our death?
Chronic Illness? Sudden Death? Drowned? Fall-off? Accident? Suicide? Murdered?

Could we ever be sure??

Questions.. That are answerable.

~~Mati itu pasti. Hidup.. Insha-Allah~~   (Laksamana Sunan)


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