How to consume this difficult word?
Vanish... is how I felt about you.
Your presence still strong in my heart
But you're no longer here

I feel the sudden emptiness inside
Pictures of memories running like movie..
Round and round and round
This pieces of 4 years all come together

We grown from the person before
We're no longer 22 and 27
Numbers remain infinity
Of you and I is always connectivity

How to forget the one we love?
When there's nothing to hate?

Such a strong bond we become
No matter how hard we deny

Now only death do us apart
You no longer exist in term of physical
The spirit will stays like ghost remains in mentality

This pain is unbearable
Just to imagine life will never be the same

May Allah bless you Mohd Khalil bin Mohd Khalid
I thank to Allah for letting me knowing you

Farahanani Amhazali
-of handling her beloved friend's death
-there's no other better word to define Death.


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