I must sleep now. Tomorrow I have two meetings in Puncak Alam which I'm being the replacement meeting-er.  When I say I must go to Puncak Alam, that mean I must wake up a bit earlier than my normal habit and leave house before 7 am. That is really tough. But I have to get use to this coz I dont want my attendance to keep on red inked.

Watching my favourite show ANTM a few hours before made me realize. We really can't pretend to be someone else. I mean, we can try but we might obviously making fool of ourselves. Sometimes I feel like me trying to be someone who is generally accepted by the public.

But I cant help to be sarcastic.

That is just my habit.


Excuse... Excuse.. Excuse..

Sometimes I questioned my self. I doubt my capability to achieve goals I dream about. It is so silly because most of the time Allah made me managed to get what I want. Well, He corrected me once when He made MK died. Obviously MK is not the one for me. Heh..

Recently I simply playing dumb to my FB friends.

I disclose one question that really crack my mind on it.

But when I have to answer 40 maths and IQ questions in 45 minutes, I have to admit that yours truly is not a genius. Whoa.

I resolute that we can see people's real face in two situations

1) When we play dumb
2) When we in despair.

Those two events will definitely reveal how and who the people around you are.

At least that worked in my case.




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