There's a fire across the street.
Life stops.. Everything went discreet.

Loud fire and high cries.
People trying to compromise
Instead their heart despises.

Firemen please stop the fire.
No fire is what we desire.
Show your strength but ire.

There still a fire across the street.
10, 13, or 20 houses might not make it.
How do we sleep in it?

Blankets, clothes is no longer ours.
Sky is the new ceiling colours.
Praying is only to favour

Ashes of memories and experience.
Distinguishes sympathy and siren.
Put aside all vengeance.
Dawn come to mask the clearance.

Walking through the lining of sun.
Walking is good, rather than run.
May rainbow shoot misery like a gun.
Optimism is too ambitious for a noun.

Firemen please, please stop the fire.

Farahanani Amhazali
-of her thoughts on Kampung Puah's recent fire tragedy.
-people loses home, but never their faith.


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